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halflogoOptimalization of your current network

Nowadays, companies are more dynamic and wide-spread than ever. Whenever you want to connect employees working from their homes or add and replace resources, will mean expensive changes in your communication systems. To control these expences, many companies are combining their data- and communicationnetworks.

A look into the future (and your wallet)

Are you on the bringe of building a new office building of to dramaticly renew your current office, than most of the time your data network will also renewed. The Astergate Voice over IP PBX solution offers you an all-in-ine and costs reduced network.

The advantage of a VoIP PBX is that you only require a data network and the costs are almost similar to those of traditional technology. The number of conversations that you could make over one VoIP line is nearly infinite. This in contrary to traditinal technology where a line is busy when you make a call. Only the speed of the internet connection or the subscription of your provider limits the number of simultanious calls. Managing an Astergate VoIP PBX is very easy en offers all the funtions like Music on Hold, transfers and call recording. The choice will be a lot easier with a silimar investment, when you realize Voice over IP is the future of all telephony.

Even when you do not have substancial  rebuilding plans, the Astergate VoIP PBX could have a lot benefits. Think about a connection between all of your employees. Those who work at the office and at home, national or international. All these phones can be connected to the Astergate VoIP PBX, which creates one network. You could make free calls to all of them. Even these “external” phones will have all the functionality as if they were right there at you office like a central front desk who will answer all redirected unanswered calls.

Astergate, the gateway between analog and VoIP

The Astergate VoIP PBX is a fully qualified PBX with high quality voice and extremely user friendly management interface. The system has been created so you can manage all the PBX systems of your customers from you own office, so no local managment is needed. The system could be placed anywhere, like a server rack of another technical room. After is has started, you do not need to look at it again.

Astergate is a server system that runs on the most stable and reliable Linux Operating System. This Operating system has the Astergate Core and Engine which are responsible for handling the calls itself.
The management client is availiable for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Why choose Astergate

One of the powers of Astergate is that it is completely built modular. It can be setup on your own vision and works with practically every phone capable of SIP communication. The Astergate embedded, the smallest version, already offers all functions of a full PBX. You can connect as many phones as you like, it’s only limitation is the 8-channel limit. For the companies with more simultanious calls, the embedded 15, rackmount 30, rackmount 60 and enterprise 120 are availiable. Astergate is also available as software-only on VMWare ESX. The channellimit here depends on the channel license you have enabled and the resources available to you on the platform. It is practically unlimited.

Where Astergate is available

When you would like more sales information on Astergate, we reccomend you contact a local reseller of distribution centre.